Novunex is a highly configurable software as a service (SaaS) platform to manage business processes of all kinds. The pre-configured, industry proven process models enable customers to get up and running within days. Novunex provides customers startup and ongoing support including review and mapping of their current processes, alignment of the pre-configured models to the customer process and training.

Why Choose Us

  • Every process can be customized towards your needs

  • Create your processes with only the fields and data inputs you really need

  • Easily adapt and change processes with easy and seamless upgrade options

  • Create reports and dashboards without the need for additional software


Pre-configured apps and process models

QMS: CAPA / Issue Investigation

Investigations are a critical part of the CAPA system helping to determine which actions are needed.

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MES: Machine Data Acquisition

Increasing automation in production lines create the need to integrate machine data in your overall MES environment.

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QMS: Document Control / Document Change

Document changes are key to establish and maintain QMS documents.

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