Platform – Automatic Processes

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Model your business processes
The Novunex Platform is a low-code and rapid application development solution that enables you to model and deploy your business processes. The platform provides an intuitive and straightforward process editor, in-process debugging and editing, and low-code technology that allows you to develop, deploy and maintain process versions rapidly.

Platform – Automatic Processes

Connect and implement your automatic processes
Designed for everyone, from less technical users to advanced integrators with extensive programming knowledge, the Novunex Platform gives you the tools and capabilities to build intelligent business processes without complex coding and programming skills. Novunex Platform is a fully-customizable data and application integration platform that helps you to connect, integrate and implement your processes.
Leverage a broad set of process activities
The platform unifies multiple activities in a single, easy-to-use tool. With greater efficiency in mind, it provides customizable workflows that are easy to set up, manage, and automate.

Create compliant process deployments

Take control of your validation process and create compliant deployments. Novunex Platform lets you quickly implement application packages ready for validation, ensuring your users’ apps comply with regulatory requirements when they hit production.

Low-code solution for fast application development

Novunex Platform offers a low-code solution that lets you get started in minutes. Build your business apps faster with drag & drop editors, which allows you to add fully functional components without writing any code! Save time and money with a powerful development platform accessible online.
The intuitive and straightforward process designer
With a simple drag-and-drop UI and powerful features, you can build custom processes or connect to popular data sources to automate repetitive tasks quickly. Novunex Platform is a process automation tool that allows you to create and manage processes through an intuitive interface easily.

In-process debugging and editing

Novunex Platform allows users to edit and debug processes while it is being processed in an integrated environment. The built-in debugger can be used without making any changes to the process design, allowing for on-the-fly debugging.

Deploy and maintain different process versions

Novunex removes the dependency on a particular development environment at runtime. It can deploy and maintain different process versions and adapt them to varying environments with just one click.
Platform Process Management

Platform – Scheduler

Schedule processes at the right time – Novunex Platform allows you to schedule processes at the right time and choose

Platform Process Management

Platform – Human Tasks

Manage and assign tasks through processes – Novunex Platform provides a single place for all Human Tasks. Task management is

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