ITSM Capacity Planning Module

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Analyze the impact on your organization
The ITSM Capacity Planning Module gives your team members and managers the tools to analyze their roles, tasks, and workloads to ensure that projects are completed on time and within budget. The system includes customizable reports that can be sent daily or weekly, identifying risks, opportunities, and skill gaps.

ITSM Capacity Planning Module

Generate report on task assignment

This module is used to generate reports on task assignments. It helps in developing proper task assignments. The information generated by this module is customizable according to the activity type and process that needs to be grouped.

Create employee capacity reports
Use the ITSM Capacity Planning Module to generate a report showing the capacity and usage of one employee across projects. This information will help you plan for future resource capacity needs, optimize the use of your limited resources and understand if your current capacity is sufficient for your projects.

Identify skill gaps

The module allows you to assess employee skills, knowledge, and availability for day-to-day tasks. It provides visibility into the skills within your company and enables you to identify skill gaps to take appropriate actions.

Automate resource scheduling based on rules

Utilize rules to schedule resources and optimize capacity planning. The scheduling tool automates resource scheduling and integrates directly with project planning tasks, making the forecast more accurate.
Identify risks and opportunities

The ITSM Capacity Planning Module is designed to help identify risks and opportunities related to capacity bottlenecks, skills, knowledge gaps, and potential problems arising from unplanned staff turnover.

Improve project execution performance through planning

Capacity planning is vital for small and large organizations to improve project execution performance through planning. ITSM Capacity Planning Module was designed for organizations or teams to monitor and plan their project capacity over time.

Visualize your team's tasks and todos

The ITSM Capacity Planning Module lets you visualize your team’s tasks, deadlines, and todos. By seeing all of your team’s assigned tasks at once, it’s easier to see how each person is doing and your workload’s overall status.
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