ITSM Microsoft – Azure Cost Optimization Service

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ITSM Microsoft – Azure Cost Optimization Service

Optimize your Azure spending
Get help understanding and forecasting your bill, optimizing workload costs, and controlling spending. Explore the benefits of ITSM Microsoft – AzureCost Optimization Service to help you maximize the value and return on your cloud investments. Find the tools, offers, and guidance to help you manage and optimize your Azure costs.
Understand and forecast your cloud costs
The Azure Cost Optimization Service demonstrates how to build your cloud business case with key financial and technical guidance from Azure. Gain a deeper understanding of where your costs lie and how to reduce them. Leverage the cloud cost management portal and Azure calculator to estimate the costs for your next Azure projects or understand what’s driving your expenses so you can control them.

We help you understand, monitor, and control cloud costs

You will be able to see what services have been used in a month and compare them against historical averages; set up budgets and allocate expenses to teams and projects; create alerts when spending crosses certain thresholds, track spending over time, export reports to other tools and collaborate with other stakeholders through shared dashboards.

Right-size underused resources

We help you maximize the value of your cloud infrastructure by providing recommendations that enable you to extend the lifetime of your existing assets and reduce the risk of over-provisioning, significantly reducing costs.
Analyze, match, and optimize your Azure workloads for cost savings
We provide the best practice recommendations from Azure experts and a review of your workload architecture based on the well-architected framework design documentation. You’ll learn to leverage discounted Azure offers, such as spot pricing, reservations, and prepayment options, with Azure savings plans for predictable workloads.
Implement cost controls and guardrails for your environment with Azure Policies
Set policies that require departments to budget, forecast, and plan on resource usage, providing visibility into the use and early warnings on whether departments are overspending. Microsoft lets administrators control their spending by implementing budgeting and forecasting policies.

Improve your IT spend and get the most out of your cloud platform

Automate the task of finding underutilized resources and providing recommendations. With the Azure Cost Optimization Service, you can get guidance on reducing your spending by reconfiguring or consolidating your resources.

Reduce the cost of your resources

This service enables customers to achieve up to 65 percent savings on computing costs. Our experts will analyze your workload, suggest your best approach, and provide recommendations based on your application requirements.

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