ITSM Employee Onboarding Module

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ITSM Employee Onboarding Module

Control the onboarding process of new employees

The ITSM Employee Onboarding Module helps you control the onboarding process of new employees and assign them to correct user groups, roles, and access rights, directly integrated with procurement and inventory setup. Leverage employee training modules for smart assignments, and review dashboards and KPIs of onboarding status.

Assign user to correct user groups, roles, and access rights
This module helps ensure your team members are in the correct roles and groups right after onboarding. It also lets you assign users access rights to specific applications, services, and systems so they can quickly get up and running.
Directly integrated with procurement, inventory, and HR user setup

The ITSM Employee Onboarding Module manages the employee information and process throughout their onboarding program. The module integrates with ITSM modules and HR systems, including procurement, inventory, payroll, and training academy.

eQMS Training management for the right onboarding training

Say goodbye to the manual assignment of your employees to training modules. With ITSM Employee Onboarding Module, you can directly interface with the eQMS Training Modules that manage all employee training in your organization. All from one place to make sure you stay compliant right from the beginning.

Assign the correct licenses with specialized modules

Automate the onboarding process with ITSM Employee Onboarding Module that assigns the correct licenses to the new employees, saving you time and money by avoiding unnecessary manual tasks.
Increase the performance of the onboarding process

Drive up employee retention, improve productivity, and provide a seamless onboarding process for your team with the ITSM Employee Onboarding Module.

Review dashboards and KPIs of onboarding status

Review the performance metrics of your employee onboarding process within the ITSM Employee Onboarding Module. Filter between dashboards or KPIs to make the most of your onboarding efforts.

Assign manual tasks to keep track of open todos

Leverage a clear process to assign manual tasks for HR and other end users. This easy-to-use solution tracks open task progress, documents training completion, and more.
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