ITSM Service Desk Module

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ITSM Service Desk Module

Focus on solving tickets with a straightforward solution

ITSM Service Desk is a ticket management solution that allows you to focus on solving tickets instead of being bogged down with a clunky and overloaded ticket system. ITSM Service Desk is 100% customizable to meet your needs and can be integrated seamlessly with change management systems.

Avoid clunky and overloaded ticket systems
ITSM Service Desk Module is a lightweight, streamlined ticketing system that solves the most common customer service problems. With the automation features of this module, you can help with ticket management and task assignment.

Distribute, categorize, and assign tickets

ITSM Service Desk Module is a complete IT ticketing system that allows administrators to manage their organization’s activity by categorizing and distributing tickets. Tickets can be assigned to the appropriate team member and tracked through the resolution process.

Easily integrate with Azure AD or other solutions via OAuth

ITSM Service Desk Module allows you to integrate with Azure AD or OAuth-ready user repositories to leverage your organization’s existing User Directory infrastructure. This means that ITSM Service Desk can include native SSO (single sign-on) for your users and is supported on your IT landscape.
100% customizable ticket process

Ticketing is the heart of ITSM, and this module facilitates the best practices to enable efficient ticket management. It is 100% customizable, allowing you to make the right choices for your organization. The ITSM Service Desk Module is organized into a flexible structure so that you can fully customize the ticket process to meet your business needs.

Keep track of KPIs and targets

The ITSM Service Desk Module allows users to create and track KPIs and targets through the dashboard, which are then reported on in SLA reports. This module gives you access to all the information you need without the overhead of manual reporting.

Integrate the service desk directly with change management

The system automatically updates the status of every change request and links them directly to the corresponding ITSM Service Desk incident. This way, changes can be tracked easier, leading to more efficient organizational processes.

Leverage email, phone, and other integrations

ITSM Service Desk Module lets you combine the power of multiple communication channels, like email and phone. It’s fully customizable so that you can create your workflows in minutes.

ITSM IT Service Management

ITSM Change Management Module

Directly integrate the changes with service desk requests – The ITSM Change Management Module enables your organization to implement changes

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