eQMS Calibration Module

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Maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of your calibration activities
Streamline equipment calibration, minimize costs, reduce waste, and ensure regulatory compliance. The eQMS Calibration Module module manages all aspects of calibration management in a single platform.

eQMS Calibration Module

Plan and automatically schedule calibrations
Plan and automatically schedule calibrations with timely reminders for your staff. Create calibration plans that can be reused across the same equipment type. Define the calibration intervals and notifications for each piece of equipment.
Record and report calibration results
The eQMS Calibration Module makes it easy for users to record and report calibration results. It helps ensure that your teams use the same checklists and process instructions so that results can be compared and benchmarked easily.

Include calibration suppliers and manage and track their compliance

Automate calibrations performed by calibration service providers, including managing schedules and tracking equipment. Manage calibration supplier information and compliance information in one place.

Schedule calibration activities right on-time

The eQMS Calibration Module allows scheduling calibration activities by allowing you to choose a particular date and time as well as an optional notification time window, to give owners a timely heads-up to prepare the equipment for calibration.
Update equipment status based on calibration results
The equipment status is updated directly based on calibration results. Tools are automatically downgraded or blocked if calibration results are out of tolerance or where calibration is overdue to ensure consistent quality and compliance.

Escalate failed calibrations into issue investigations

Directly start an issue investigation based on an out-of-tolerance calibration result. Maintain traceability with the issue investigation and actions taken for the out-of-tolerance equipment.

Avoid disconnected calibration checklists

With a single solution for all your calibration needs, you can standardize calibration tasks for similar equipment types. The eQMS Calibration Module prevents disconnected and out-of-date calibration checklists.
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