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eQMS – Solutions

Leverage a complete electronic QMS solution and avoid paperwork
Novunex eQMS will eliminate your paperwork and provide an easy-to-use, efficient, and effective way to manage quality. Novunex eQMS streamlines the process of executing processes with detailed audit trails and generating quality reports on performance over time.

Connected and effective

Manage all aspects of your QMS by leveraging a broad set of connected modules for each subsystem

Easy to use

Fully automated software solution that helps to run and maintain your QMS


Built-in compliance features supporting multiple industries, ISO Standard and regulatory requirements from FDA and other agencies


eQMS Audit Module

The modern way of managing audits – With full electronic traceability, automatically generated audit reports, and a complete overview of

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ISO-ready paperless QMS
Novunex eQMS allows you to manage a variety of processes, including Document Control, Document Distribution, Corrective/Preventive Action (CAPA), Internal Audit, Management Review, Training, and Supplier Control. It can be used in any industry and will provide the functionality and effectiveness needed to help your organization become and stay ISO 9001-compliant.
Case Study: Serán Bioscience, LLC
Optimizing Document Management at Serán Bioscience with Novunex eQMS Document Control
Ready for Medical Device regulatory requirements?
Ensure your Medical Device conforms to the regulatory requirements for design controls, multiple manufacturing phases, and product safety management. The lean and controlled execution of processes streamlines your QMS compliance efforts by providing a centralized system for managing the documentation and records required for FDA inspections and ISO 13485 audits.

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