IoT Room Occupancy Module

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IoT Room Occupancy Module

Monitor your room occupancy
The IoT Room Occupancy Module helps you to plan your room usage based on data without booking systems. Easily count people to be aware of occupancy and get a real-time overview of occupied rooms and alerts on defined limits.
Get a live overview of occupied rooms
Get a live overview of occupied rooms, and stay on top of demand in real time. Create flexible shifts, track which rooms are in use, and maximize the used space in your facilities.
Plan your room usage based on data
Using the IoT Room Occupancy data, you can measure the effectiveness of your workspaces based on usage. The real-time room availability will help you plan to reduce peak occupancy and avoid unnecessary costs on space.

Reduce energy consumption by controlling temperature based on occupancy

The IoT Room Occupancy Module leverages sensors to determine when a room is occupied and then adjusts its temperature accordingly, helping to reduce energy consumption.

Get GDPR-compliant insights about desk usage

Get GDPR-compliant insights about desk usage with Room Occupancy Module, our IoT solution for your workspaces: A combination of sensor data and analytics capabilities without violating GDRP rules and regulations.
Evaluate your room usage without booking systems
Booking systems induce additional steps for shared office workers. Make it easier for employees by identifying which rooms get the most traffic each day and optimizing them to fit their needs.

Get the people to count and alerts quickly

Know the current occupancy of your rooms by counting the number of people in any physical space. Get alerts when the person limit is exceeded, and regulatory requirements are no longer fulfilled.

Check which workplace is occupied

The sensors detect the presence of people in the office, room, or on a specific desk and transmit the information to a control unit. By processing the data, it is possible to receive information on how many persons are within a particular workplace and which rooms are occupied.
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