eQMS Receiving Inspection Module

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eQMS Receiving Inspection Module

Fully integrated receiving inspection
The eQMS Receiving Inspection Module is a fully integrated module within the Novunex eQMS. It enables you to document your received material, process it through inspection, and book the material into inventory. A fully electronic inspection plan applied to each receiving inspection allows quick and consistent execution.
Manage your incoming inspection plans and create checklists
The eQMS Receiving Inspection Module enables you to create a checklist and manage your inspection plan. With it, you can easily keep track of incoming products, whether they are delivered or shipped.

QC inspection for critical material

The optional QC inspection step defines the test methods and parameters for inspecting parts or chemical content. This module automates the execution of these steps and stores results as audit trails for future analysis.

Handle review and disposition processes

The module ensures that the material is moving in a defined process, whether non-conforming or released into production. You can create issue investigation requests based on inspection results and create appropriate rework worklists.
Digital input form during receiving inspection
Collect detailed information during the receiving inspection process. The module allows you to create a digital input form that can be used on a tablet or smartphone, allowing your inspectors to fill out their reports in the field.
Manage material receiving
By providing a lean way to document receiving inspections, you can quickly check the quality of incoming material. You can manage all aspects of receiving, including, but not limited to, quantity checks, certificate checks, packaging reviews, or any other product-specific details.

Update your inventory with received goods

The eQMS Receiving Inspection Module checks and updates the inventory quantity with received goods. With an easy-to-use interface, you can enter the receipt information, upload scanned images of the receipt, and assign various statuses with comments.

Real-time monitoring of receiving progress

Monitor all kinds of goods received into your facility, from raw materials to finished goods. This real-time system will assist with managing the progress of physical goods in your warehouse and help improve your receiving quality control process.

eQMS Issue Investigation Module

A central hub to manage investigations of identified issues – Manage identified quality and non-quality issues in one place. Record

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