ITSM Guest Management Module

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Control access of suppliers and 3rd party access to your internal systems

Get complete control of your guest users, permissions, and access to internal systems via the Azure AD. Automate processes for onboarding, maintenance, and expiration of user accounts. Directly integrate with other solutions, such as the MS Teams Governance Module, to get audit-ready reports on guest user activities.

ITSM Guest Management Module

Implement formal approval processes to onboard new guest accounts

Approval processes help you ensure that your new guests are onboard consistently, safely, and securely. Introducing approval workflows for guest accounts will allow you to control who can sign up guests and approve their accounts on the platform.

Manage user access and privileges of guest accounts

The ITSM Guest Management Module will help you manage your guest accounts. You can automatically assign guests to user groups, which provide a standard level of privileges. You can also disable automatically adding guest accounts to your Azure AD directory.

Directly integrate with the MS Teams Governance module

Directly integrate with MS Teams groups for account management, meeting invitation creation, and detailed tracking of MS Teams user activities. Invite guests to save teams and avoid random Azure AD guest creation through unsafe M365 configuration options.

Get audit-ready reports on guest user activities

ITSM Guest Management Module provides audit-ready reports on guest users’ activities, including their login and logout times, the operating system and browser they used to access the application, the duration of their sessions, failed login attempts, and more.

Review and expire unused or outdated user accounts

A web-based application that enables you to review and expire unused or outdated user accounts: This can help ensure the security of your environment by reducing the number of unused accounts available, thereby reducing the likelihood of security breaches.

Ensure signatures on NDAs, IT security policies, and your house rules

ITSM Guest Management Module is a single system to manage all of your guests. It ensures signatures on NDAs, IT security, and HR-introduced policies. You can also track their login-in and log-out dates, activity, and the apps used.

Interface with Azure AD to ensure compliance in the cloud

The module enables your IT team to create rules for provisioning and deploying guest access to cloud resources. Based on your business criteria, this module allows you to perform guest provisioning and de-provisioning actions against Azure AD Users, Groups, and Contacts.

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