Platform – Dashboard Designer

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Platform – Dashboard Designer

Easy and comprehensive data visualization
The Dashboard Designer is a powerful tool that helps you create compelling and valuable dashboards. With limited time, this is your one-stop shop for data visualization. And not just data – also to capture user input.
Create interactive dashboards
Create interactive and informative dashboards to enable stakeholders to draw insights from your data quickly. Available in any format with an intuitive drag & drop user interface, it is easy and fun to build your next project using the Novunex Platform.

All information in one place

With the Dashboard Designer, you can create custom dashboards that give every user the information they need in a central location.

The central entry point for your Novunex Platform app

A dashboard is the main entry point for your Novunex Platform app. It’s where you view and manage your data and processes.
Share and distribute powerful dashboards
Design an unlimited number of dashboards and share them with their team. Users can easily drag, and drop, interact with real-time data, and customize their dashboard layouts to align with your business needs.
User, user group, and role-based access controls
Fine-grained user and role-based access controls. The Novunex Platform allows you to define which dashboards the users can access and which features they can use within each dashboard.

Leverage a broad Widget Library

Easily drag, drop, and style the most commonly used widgets for a stunning look that works across all devices. With Dashboard Designer, you can build Custom Widgets or customize existing ones that best fit your needs.

Not just data - capture user input

Every Novunex App that involves user input will require at least one input field. Our platform supports the design of customized user forms for collecting user data, including text fields, checkboxes, radio buttons, drop-down menus, and sliders.
Platform Data Visualization

Platform – Custom Widgets

Create Custom Widgets with only JavaScript and HTML – Custom Widgets give you the power to build and deploy custom

Platform Data Visualization

Platform – Widget Library

The building blocks of your dashboard – The Widget Library contains the building blocks for your dashboards. We provide a

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