Privacy Commitment and Principles

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Privacy Commitment and Principles

At Novunex, we place utmost importance on data privacy and are committed to treating your data with the highest level of responsibility. Our longstanding reputation demonstrates our dedication to safeguarding your information and delivering on our commitment to customers throughout the years.

Our business model is designed with privacy at its core. We offer exceptional technology at affordable prices, without hidden agendas or deals with advertisers. We believe in a transparent, value-based approach to our services.

Data Ownership and Usage

  • You own your data.
  • We will never sell your data.
  • We will never display advertisements.

Privacy-Centric Business Model

We have avoided any ad-based business model regardless of established privacy laws. Our pricing strategy for software subscriptions allows us to continue developing top-notch software and provide excellent customer support.

Transparency, Control, and Security

Novunex is committed to empowering users to control their data. We provide tools and features that enable you to access, manage, and delete your data across our services. We are transparent about how we use your data and always notify you about any changes to our privacy practices.

We ensure the highest levels of privacy by not allowing adjunct surveillance, where user tracking for ads becomes invasive. We have removed all non-essential or intrusive third-party trackers from our websites and conduct regular audits to maintain privacy standards.

Data protection is a top priority at Novunex. We employ strong encryption tools to protect customer data transmitted to our servers over public networks. Connections to our servers use Transport Layer Security (TLS) encryption with robust cyphers. Customer data at rest is encrypted using the advanced encryption standards, and we handle keys through certified managed services.

Compliance and Infrastructure

We are committed to complying with global privacy standards and regulations, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). We continuously update our privacy practices and policies to ensure effective data protection.

Owning core aspects of our technology stack enables us to deliver exceptional customer experiences and provide assurance to our customers. We prioritize building and maintaining trust, and in cases where third-party integrations are necessary to enhance our service, we inform our customers.

Our network is free from ad providers, ensuring a trustworthy relationship between our customers and us. Our product team monitors feature usage solely to improve our offerings and provide better service.

Organizational Values and Commitment

As a privately-held, bootstrapped company, we remain independent and free from investor pressures. This allows us to make decisions in the best interest of our customers and employees.

Novunex has been committed to building and sustaining customer relationships from the very beginning. We focus on helping customers succeed and grow. Over the years, we have remained true to our values and earned the trust of our customers.

We believe that trust is built and maintained over time, and we prioritize what is morally acceptable over what is merely legally sufficient. Our commitment to privacy showcases our dedication to earning and keeping your trust.

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