IoT Outdoor CO and CO2 Module

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IoT Outdoor CO and CO2 Module

Monitor your CO2 sensors in real time
With the IoT CO and CO2 Monitoring Module, you can monitor your CO2 sensors in real-time and gain actionable insights into CO/CO2 analysis. Gain remote insight into air quality, receive alerts on battery levels, and implement sophisticated monitoring systems to ensure the safety of the monitored area, saving on costly audits.
Manage your CO2 assets easily
Reduce maintenance costs: The module automatically detects the sensor battery level and schedules maintenance activities, eliminating the need for manual labor.
Save on costly audit procedures by getting remote insights into the function
Save on costly audit procedures by getting remote insights into the function of carbon dioxide monitoring systems. IoT CO and CO2 Monitoring Module allows you to monitor your CO2 sensors in real-time remotely.

Alert authorities when CO2 thresholds are exceeded

Get notifications and audit-ready reports to inform the responsible authorities when the regulatory CO2 threshold is exceeded. Provide them with reports on when and how often CO2 levels were beyond legal thresholds.

Get actionable insights into CO/CO2 analytics

Cut costs and keep your people safe with the IoT CO and CO2 Monitoring Module. Intelligent sensors and analytics give you actionable CO/CO2 exposure insights.
Get discounts on insurance by implementing sophisticated monitoring systems
Implementing sophisticated monitoring systems at your facilities and in your area (like woods and fields) allows you to receive discounts on your insurance. Providing a detailed audit-ready report on the status of the CO2 sensors not only saves insurance fees but also improves the safety of your region.

Receive alerts in real-time about beginning wildfires

With CO/CO2 sensors, you can monitor your forests and meadows 24/7 and receive alerts via email, text, and phone when CO2 levels indicate a beginning wildfire. Contain and extinguish wildfires as fast as possible by receiving automated alerts instead of relying on a citizen to inform the fire department.

Get alerts on battery level

Monitor your CO and CO2 sensors, set custom alerts for high or low readings, and get notifications when the battery runs down. Directly start maintenance activities for non-functional detectors.
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