ITSM Task Tracking Module

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Manage project tasks with a lean solution

Track project tasks, due dates, and completion status. Assign task owners to specific tasks and report on what’s being worked on. Leverage modern kanban boards or straight processes depending on your workflow situation. Customize and define priority lists so that nothing falls through the cracks. Manage tasks anywhere and anytime.

ITSM Task Tracking Module

Track project tasks, due dates, and completion status

ITSM Task Tracking Module is a perfect tool to track project tasks, their status, and related information. It is well suited to quickly check the current charts and tasks’ progress or see past actions once logged in.

Assign project task ownership to the user
The ITSM Task Tracking Module allows you to assign project tasks to the user. Each task will stay with a specific employee until completion. The assigned user can submit their progress, receive updates and track their team’s progress through this simple interface.

Manage tasks anywhere and anytime

Tasks can be managed in the cloud and on desktops and tablets, providing easy access for team members, who can enter time spent on their tasks through web portals, smartphones, or mobile devices.

Avoid disconnected spreadsheets or manual task tracking

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by spreadsheets and forget what you’re doing. Use our task management system to track everything from due dates to progress updates and stay updated with progress reminders.

Report on milestone and task completion status

Provide the users with the ability to report on milestone and task completion status and track task progress over time so that completion deadlines can be met successfully.

Instant reports and control

By knowing the status of tasks at any time, ITSM Task Tracking Module gives managers an instant view of what needs to be done next and in which order.

Leverage modern kanban boards or straight processes

Kanban boards and process diagrams help teams organize their work more effectively. They enable non-technical people to understand business requirements and make sense of the tasks being executed. Customize and define your task priority and order

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