ITSM License Management Module

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Maintain licenses and subscriptions and assign them to users, user roles, or groups

ITSM License Management Module allows you to manage your software licenses, subscriptions, and usage. It is the ideal solution for organizations that need to apply sophisticated license management policies. You can maintain licenses and subscriptions and assign them to users, user roles, or groups.

ITSM License Management Module

Evaluate license needs and plan for procurement

The ITSM License Management Module is a tool that helps you evaluate license needs and plan for procurement. Ensure you have the correct number of licenses for your information technology assets and avoid the cost of over-procurement.

Never lose track of outdated licenses or expired subscriptions and incompliant setups

Get notifications with information on your IT products and solutions to determine which products need to be renewed or purchased. The module will also help you identify which user profiles do not have a current subscription and, where possible, set up alerts for these products.

Directly integrated with your change management procedures

It provides a single point of data entry and an intuitive interface for managing your organization’s software and license assets. With increased compliance and faster new software deployment, ITSM License Management Module helps to increase productivity and reduce risk exposure.

Integrate with external services

The module uses a single sign-on (SSO) feature and user synchronization to pass user profiles between AzureAD, M365, GitHub, or many other services. This allows administrators to manage license allocation across many services within one interface.

Generate pre-defined requests for quotations

Increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your license management efforts by automatically generating pre-defined requests for quotations. Automating this process helps to eliminate errors and improve service levels.

Directly inquire your suppliers for new quotes on licenses

Manage licenses for Microsoft or any 3rd party license provider. This module lets users directly inquire about their suppliers on new license quotes. The system will automatically create a quote, and you can send it to the designated contact at each supplier.

Avoid unused licenses by monitoring usage

Gain visibility and maximize the benefits of the software assurance programs that are in place for your organization. Avoid unused licenses by monitoring usage across your installed base of Microsoft products, including Windows and M365.

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