eQMS Equipment Logbook Module

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eQMS Equipment Logbook Module

Electronically track activities for equipment
Capturing all the activities for equipment is not only time-consuming, but it can also lead to inaccuracies. The eQMS Equipment Logbook Module is an electronic way of tracking all activities associated with a piece of equipment.
Communicate and track equipment events without writing e-mails
This module helps you capture and communicate equipment events while they are happening. Reduce the time it takes to write e-mails, and improve efficiency by making it easy to anticipate problems to avoid them.

Connected with all Equipment Service Modules to track events

The equipment logbook gives you an accurate, real-time overview of equipment status changes. It automatically monitors service processes that maintain equipment availability and captures completed service events.

The full equiment history in one place

This logbook module captures the service and work order tasks performed. This creates a comprehensive history that can be analyzed to find recurring issues and opportunities for improvement.
Audit-ready logs for all types of equipment
The eQMS Equipment Logbook Module aggregates audit-ready logs and records for equipment used in your business to ensure that you and your staff comply with your regulatory requirements.
Paperless single point of truth
A single point of truth for everything that happened with a piece of equipment. The electronic equipment logbook helps to transition from paper to a digital solution, simplifying the process and improving safety.

Automatically keep records of all equipment events

The Equipment Logbook Module automatically tracks all equipment events, from equipment calibration, preventive maintenance, process verification, and qualification to repairs, cleaning, and relocation. The module provides standard reports to share the information in standard file formats.

A single place to track all equipment-related engineering activities

With role-based access, information about equipment repair, modifications, software updates, and other activities is centralized in one place, helping you avoid information scattered in different folders or lists.
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