IoT Energy Metering Module

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IoT Energy Metering Module

A proven way for businesses to save money and reduce carbon footprint
Using the IoT Energy Metering Module can save costs and reduce your carbon footprint. The module enables you to monitor trends and make informed decisions about optimizing your energy consumption in the future.
Monitoring of energy consumption
The IoT Energy Metering Module is designed to monitor the consumption of electric and thermal energy. The module measures electricity, solar photovoltaic power, gas, and heat pumps. Using the data it generates, you can oversee total energy consumption and measure individual sources.
Definition of KPIs and Targets
Monitor the performance of different devices and systems using temperature, time, efficiency, and price parameters. Set KPIs and targets to ensure your systems run according to your requirements.

Investigate potential energy loss

Get a detailed analysis of your usage data to understand how much energy you are using and where it is lost. The IoT Energy Metering Module can help identify potential problems causing energy loss and start processes with the eQMS Issue Investigation Module.

Measure the effectiveness of corrective actions

The module allows users to determine whether corrective action needs to be executed according to defined limits and if the executed actions are effective and result in improvements.
Alerts on exceeding defined limits
Get instant alerts on exceeding defined limits. With the Energy Metering Module, you can analyze energy consumption and set alerts on over-consumption to react immediately and start issue investigation steps.

Generate reports to fulfill regulatory requirements

Designed to fit any existing system and standardize sustainability reporting, the IoT Energy Metering Module creates a clear and accurate picture of your energy consumption of various sources.

Identify bottlenecks and energy drains

The module allows setting consumption targets by type of consumption (lighting, heating, cooling, power) and location (site). Different types of sensors can then be deployed depending on your configuration: smart meters, level, temperature measurements, and many more.
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