IoT Restroom Monitoring Module

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Monitor Your Air Quality and Improve Safety
Air quality is an essential factor to consider when it comes to restroom monitoring. The air inside a bathroom can be filled with harmful bacteria and viruses, leading to health issues if cleaning and maintenance activities are not executed properly. The Novunex IoT Restroom Monitoring Module will allow you to monitor the quality of your bathroom’s air by measuring carbon dioxide levels, temperature, humidity, and more.

IoT Restroom Monitoring Module

Monitor Fill Levels and Occupancy
The IoT Restroom Monitoring Module from Novunex can leverage sensors that monitor the fill levels of soap, paper, and other consumables. This allows you to keep track of your inventory and ensure enough supplies for all users. In addition, it also lets you know when it’s time to order more soaps or paper towels – saving money on unnecessary purchases.
Prevent burglary with window sensors
The window sensor is a great way to prevent burglary. You’ll receive an alarm if a window is still open after a pre-determined time. This will allow you to take action quickly and prevent windows from staying open at night.

Facilitate people in need with friendly user-experience

The IoT Restroom Monitoring Module can support people in need by providing them with a friendly user experience. The module can be integrated with sensors that can detect the presence of people as well as supplies, such as paper towels and toilet paper.

Quick setup and cost-effective installation

The installation process involves mounting the necessary sensors and devices in key locations, such as near windows, soap dispensers, and toilet stalls. Most of these sensors are wireless and battery-powered, which means that there is no need for complicated wiring or expensive electrical work. Additionally, the smart buttons can be easily placed on walls without causing any damage to the surface.
Get notifications using smart buttons
The smart button is a small device you can place on the wall near your restroom. When someone needs to use it, they press the button, and an alert will be sent to you via email or mobile notifications. This way, you’ll know when maintenance is needed so that you can schedule a service call in advance.

Different benefits with different sensors and alarms

IoT Restroom Monitoring Module can be used to reduce queues and waiting times, keep toilets clean and stocked, ensure facilities are operating effectively, and monitor alerts for assistance or maintenance in your facilities.

Reduce the cost of energy and labor

The IoT Restroom Monitoring Module can help you efficiently schedule maintenance in time. You can set up a schedule for your restrooms or you can get notified when they need to be cleaned so that you can send someone over immediately. This will save you money by reducing the time people spend cleaning the restrooms and saving energy by not running cleaning machines when they aren’t needed.
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