ITSM Microsoft – Modernize Communication Workshop

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Flexible, secure, and seamless calling facilitates hybrid work 
An integrated phone solution gives hybrid teams more opportunities for connectedness and informal problem-solving. And when it’s time to get serious and discuss anything — from product development to performance reviews — the depth and breadth of Microsoft Teams make it possible to discover new insights through instant messaging, email functionality, and video chat.

ITSM Microsoft – Modernize Communication Workshop

Modern communications need to be flexible 
This workshop will show you how to use Microsoft Teams to improve collaboration and productivity in your organization. We’ll give you practical tips on how to initiate the process of transitioning to remote work, build trust with the right technology and training, and create a collaborative culture that empowers your team members to work wherever they want.
Enterprise-grade communication features
Modernize your communication with Microsoft Teams to deliver professional, secure, and reliable voice services for your entire organization. Our enterprise-grade communication features, improved sound quality, and advanced hardware deliver an exceptional calling experience, all from the familiar interface of Microsoft Teams, so you can focus on what matters most: getting results.

Flexible, mobile-first experiences and devices

Modernize communications with flexible, mobile-first experiences and devices. Increase connectivity and productivity by providing your users with a single business phone number across their computer, mobile device, and desk phone.  Enjoy a consistent calling experience across devices—from basic desk phones to premium Teams displays.

Accessible communications with Teams Phone

Boost your team’s productivity with call recording and transcription. Enhance accessible communications using Teams Phone – accessible via over-the-ear, on-the-ear headsets and desk phones. Focus on the discussion, removing visual and audio distractions with background effects and noise suppression.
Microsoft Teams Phone
Microsoft Teams Phone enhances simplicity, collaboration, and productivity for your employees. It offers the traditional calling features you know and love, like voicemail, speed dial, and call forwarding. You can also add novel features like collaborative calls in a shared queue or desktop calling – every aspect to make your communication more effective.

Simplified communication and collaboration through a single app

Learn and see how Microsoft Teams, a single application for all your workplace communications, can simplify your business communications and collaboration while driving productivity. You’ll learn all the features that make Teams an ideal solution for empowering teams to do their best work.

Leverage solutions from the trusted UCaaS leader

Microsoft products cover a broad range of modern communication services and solutions. Modernizing communications can be challenging, but with Novunex support, it’s more than possible. With products like Microsoft Teams, you can quickly adapt to your business needs today while preparing for future challenges.

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