eQMS CAPA Module

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Perform corrective and preventive actions in a lean way
The new, efficient way of handling CAPAs – this module will help reduce processing time, reduce human error, and make your life easier by efficiently automating the CAPA process.

eQMS CAPA Module

Fulfill regulatory requirements in a lean way
Easily manage corrective and preventive actions, automating their review, classification, and closure. With the eQMS Corrective and Preventive Action (CAPA) Module, you can automate the CAPA process and meet regulatory requirements in a lean way.
Establish acceptance criteria and targets before starting CAPA actions
In the planning step, clear criteria and goals for accepting a CAPA must be defined. Set up requirements of quality standards, regulatory requirements, and procedures with measurable KPIs and outcomes.

Automatic approval notifications and status updates

The eQMS Corrective and Preventive Action (CAPA) Module enables automated notifications, status updates, and action item reminders. The automatic approval notifications send the correct information to the right people so there are no missed deadlines or delays in corrective and preventive actions.

Track the status of CAPAs on dedicated dashboards

Track the status of Corrective and Preventive Actions on dedicated dashboards. Using Novunex eQMS, you will be able to monitor CAPAs in real-time and manage the completion of corrective actions by your team members.
Easy execution of verification of effectiveness
The verification of the effectiveness of a CAPA is easy to execute based on a pre-approved method of verification. The collected result is compared to the approved acceptance target to make a quick and concise decision if the CAPA is effective.

From root cause analysis through verification of effectiveness

Automate the process of defining, planning, reviewing, and implementing corrective and preventive actions taken in response to causes found in the root cause analysis. This module supports the end-to-end process with action assignments, notifications, and follow-ups.

Verification based on defined criteria

The module enables early definition and capturing of verification activities and acceptance criteria. The verification requirements are reviewed and approved together with the planned corrective actions. This provides process owners with a high level of assurance that the planned actions are adequate to meet the expected outcome of the CAPA.
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