eQMS Permit Module

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eQMS Permit Module

Don’t let your business grind to a halt because of a permit lapse
The eQMS Permit Module provides an easy, one-stop location to manage the details of permits, licenses, and certificates. From recording information about the permit to managing permit renewals, this system can help you keep all of your records in order.
Track more than one permit at a time
The Permit module enables users to track more than one permit at a time, with a user-friendly interface that displays the status of each permit in real time for both expiration and renewal.
Certificates, approvals, and records in one place instead of scattering them across different locations
A central location where all necessary permit documentation is stored and readily available to you when needed. A system with end-to-end electronic signature, process management, and reporting.

Keep your permit current with a reminder

Get the reminder that your company needs to renew its permits. With enough lead time, users and user groups are assigned tasks, the eQMS Permit Module keeps track of all open todos regarding permits, and you can act on them with the click of a button.

All related records for permits in one place

Manage all your permits, registrations, and licenses in one place. From a single portal, track the status of all your paperwork with the help of a user-friendly dashboard. Get a holistic view of your permits and registrations across your facilities, sites, and more – ensuring that everything is up-to-date to avoid penalties or fines for non-compliance.
Always audit ready, without losing track of permits and certificates
Record every important activity in one place so you can keep track of what changes have been made and stay compliant at all times. Organize, track, and audit all permits and licenses needed for your business.

Manage and track your permits, inluding their renewal

The Permit module allows users to record and track the life-cycle of permits, registrations, licenses, and similar records. The module initiates renewal processes to ensure that expiration dates are checked before expiration. You can also capture contact information for third parties involved in the renewal process.

Track the status of permits, registrations and licenses for your facility

This module tracks the permit status of your facility, processes, and owners. It allows you to track all the permits that are in various stages of execution. The module can give you information about your current permit, including who is responsible for its execution. It also provides reports and dashboard views on all permits in process.
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