Platform – Data Queries

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Fully customizable Data Queries
With the Novunex Platform, you can leverage the full power of SQL to create and execute Data Queries directly in processes. Use report results in reports and charts based on custom queries with our configurable reporting engine. Access live and historical entity types and expose Data Queries via REST for other applications.

Platform – Data Queries

Use query results in reports
Use query results in reports to filter or sort data by attributes and dimensions or as the basis for calculations. Create MS Excel- or Word-based reports and convert the results into PDF.
Charts based on custom queries
An easy-to-use, intuitive, and responsive interface to create charts based on custom queries. Users can easily choose the columns they want in their charts and adjust the visualizations of their data.

Access live and historical entity types

The Novunex Platform provides live and historical entity data by default, along with custom SQL queries. Your users can access entity types, create new records, or modify existing ones in the platform using custom SQL queries.

Expose Data Queries via REST

The platform provides direct and flexible access to your data by exporting queried data through RESTful APIs. Deliver faster for analytics, machine learning, and other enterprise applications.
Create data exports
Using the Novunex Platform, you can create custom data exports based on a specific query. The platform automatically exports your data to make it available for the end-point you want to use. For example, you can pass the results of an analysis to a business intelligence system or directly use the Novunex Platform to create a data export.

Leverage the full power of SQL

Novunex Platform is built on the most advanced relational database systems and is designed to fit any requirement or need. Data from anywhere in the organization can be easily accessed and used to explore relationships and trends through intuitive SQL queries.

Execute Data Queries directly in processes

Executing SQL in an automated process can be tricky, but with the Novunex Platform, you don’t have to worry about the details. Drop an SQL activity into your process designer, define which columns should be returned or updated, and let Novunex drive the query behind the scenes using the asynchronous T-SQL engine.
Platform Data Management

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High-performance data storage in isolated containers – Novunex Platform offers access to high-performance data storage in isolated containers, scalable and

Platform Data Management

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