eQMS Non-Conforming Material Module

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eQMS Non-Conforming Material Module

Control non-conforming materials and compliance issues
The eQMS Nonconforming Material module allows users to manage and track the status of non-conforming material, allowing them to be identified, tracked, and traced through their whole lifecycle
Monitor the rework status and progress
The module lets you monitor the rework status, recording the time spent and holding material in a controlled state. It also helps you assess areas with the most nonconformances and needs improvement.

Traceability of material disposition that meets regulatory requirements

Nonconforming material activities can be tracked through their entire life cycle, from when they are identified to when they’re either reloaded or discarded. Each step comes with a detailed audit log so users can keep track of the reasons behind their efforts.

Control the process with reviews that need electronic approval

Control the entire material review process with eQMS Nonconforming Material Module. Reviewers can electronically approve or disapprove conformance exceptions, rejections, and findings, generate inspection reports and approve or generate corrections of nonconformities in production.
Track and trace all details
The nonconforming material module tracks all nonconformances and proposed disposition actions such as part or item numbers, serial numbers or lot numbers, date of discovery and disposition, disposition category, disposition reason, review outcome, and reviewer.
Single events require a different plan than reoccurring problems
A single event may require a different plan than a recurring non-conformance. eQMS Nonconforming Material Module helps you to differentiate between recurring non-conformances and single events by providing appropriate follow-up actions assigned automatically to users and sending notifications automatically when an action is complete

Escalate only necessary non-conformances

This module provides a simple and effective way to handle non-conforming material. Users can search for non-conformances and then quickly escalate those without needing detailed investigation, identified as having a high priority or flagged as high risk.

Track material disposition with tasks and due dates

As nonconforming materials log into the system, a task is created, assigning it to a specific user and providing metrics for quality control purposes. Tasks can be assigned based on the type of nonconformity identified or put in a manual queue for prioritization by management.
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