eQMS Customer Complaint Module

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eQMS Customer Complaint Module

Manage customer complaints effectively
The eQMS Customer Complaint Module enables capturing customer complaints, the evaluation of complaints, and the determination if further investigation is required.
Correctly qualify customer complaints
The eQMS Customer Complaint Module will help your company correctly qualify customer complaints to better understand and resolve the issue efficiently with the proper priority. As such, this module will improve service quality by allowing you to analyze customer complaints more effectively.
Every employee can log complaints
Every employee can log a received complaint and escalate the complaint if necessary. The module helps in better issue identification by tracking the details of each complaint, enabling the company to perform investigations and corrective actions when needed, thus improving the customer experience.

Log and track customer issues through to the resolution

The Customer Complaint Module integrates with the other modules of eQMS to quickly investigate which non-conformance was responsible for the issue. In addition, customer feedback is used to improve your processes.

Full audit trail on all customer complaints

All complaint data is stored in one place for real-time reporting, enabling you to take immediate action based on the trends detected through a web-based reporting tool.
Capture and evaluate customer complaints
Evaluate customer complaints in the same place where your production, quality, and compliance data resides. Through a streamlined process, you can capture critical information such as customer name and contact info, location of the product/service, date of purchase, invoice number, and problem description.

Automatic customer notifications

Avoid human errors due to miscommunication between your customer and your company. Update your customer in regards to the complaint investigation and the proposed issue resolution.

Fulfill regulatory requirements

The module enables you to address regulatory compliance requirements associated with complaints, non-conformance reports, and issues reported by customers.
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