ITSM Roles and Responsibility Module

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ITSM Roles and Responsibility Module

Manage user access, roles, and responsibilities easily

The ITSM Roles and Responsibilities Module is a centralized cloud-based tool that enables you to manage user access, functions, and responsibilities for all your IT resources in an easy, auditable way. You can assign users to user groups based on their profiles and provide just-in-time access to resources.

Assign users to user groups based on user profiles

A comprehensive solution that helps you assign users to user groups based on their profiles and gives you alerts when owners have changed. You can define your roles and add additional attributes to your employees based on their skill set or other qualities.

Maintain user profiles and access rights

In conjunction with other ITSM modules, this module enables you to define and maintain roles and responsibilities so that employees can access only the systems and information needed for their roles and functions.

Create audit-ready reports on user access

The ITSM Roles and Responsibility Module allows you to seamlessly monitor user access for IT teams, giving you complete visibility of all activity in one centralized location. Access reports interactively with filters enabling you to drill down and get granular results to make informed decisions.
Provide just-in-time privileged access to resources

Privileged access is granted to the fewest number of people possible. Privileged users only receive access to resources they need when they need them. This helps prevent global administrators who have full access to all company resources so that only a few trusted individuals are affected no matter what privileges are stolen or leaked.

Require approvals for critical roles
To protect your critical resources, you may find that specific ITSM roles require approvals before they can be used. The module allows you to define specific criteria for approving requests and ensure a proper workflow.

Directly integrate with Azure AD

The ITSM Roles and Responsibility Module directly integrate with Azure AD, enabling you to centrally manage role-specific responsibilities, including adding and removing the permissions required for each role.

Get notifications on incompliant access scenarios

This module helps in preventing unauthorized access scenarios. It notifies the user if an access scenario complies with ITSM roles, responsibilities, and conditions.

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