IoT Incident Management Module

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IoT Incident Management Module

Monitor system functions and get instant alerts
Manage your operations and ensure seamless communications with your team through the secure, integrated cloud environment. Use the IoT Incident Management Module to manage operational equipment and receive alerts and notifications via customizable emails, phone calls or text messages.
Receive notifications on conditions or rules
Advanced notification features with the option to create rules and conditions: The module will send notifications via email, text, or phone call when any specified rules are met, such as when a specific device is unavailable or an alert has been triggered on a device.

Get reports on up-time and incidents

The latest IoT Incident Management Module analyzes up-time and service quality statistics, allowing you to detect abnormal behavior with high levels of granularity.

Fulfill regulatory requirements and reporting needs

The IoT Incident Management Module provides detailed data collection, visualization, and archival capabilities to ensure compliance with regulations, including industry best practices like ISO/IEC 20000, NIST, and HIPAA.
Manage distribution lists and alert groups
Using the graphical interface, you can add users, assign roles and permission levels, manage notification subscriptions, and create groups with shared access rights to alerts.
Get phone calls or text messages
Get phone calls, text messages, and push notifications when a new incident is reported. The message will include important information, such as the location and the identification of the alerting device.

Monitor critical systems and manage the on-call duty

The IoT Incident Management Module allows you to monitor your critical systems and handle the on-call duty. By viewing real-time events, alerts, and exceptions you will be sure that the right team is alerted when something goes wrong.

Integrate directly into the corrective action module

The IoT Incident Management Module integrates directly into the eQMS Corrective Action Module. This provides a seamless, automated system to manage incidents that can lead to even faster fulfillment of your customer’s needs.
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