eQMS Onboarding Module

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Onboard new employees easily
Onboarding is one of the most essential steps in getting a new employee up and running. It can also be time-consuming and hard to manage. With eQMS Onboarding Module, all the training information related to your new hire is at your fingertips, saving you time and resources while reducing the risk of human error.

eQMS Onboarding Module

Do not overwhelm users – spoonfeed your company´s knowledge
Do not overwhelm your new employees and avoid the fear factor; keep the onboarding process in small steps to better use and engage your people. Avoid the tsunami assignments; the eQMS Onboarding Module enables you to define clear learning paths.
Manage dependencies to have a straightforward training path
This module helps you quickly onboard users to let them know the dependencies and steps required to get set up with their role. It also enables you to ensure optimal course configuration before any training begins.

Define training courses and operations based on skills and with sequence

Training courses can be refined on a user-by-user basis, including the assignment of specific skills and sequence of tasks, along with due dates for completion. Once completed, you can see how many users have completed their onboarding training and what percentage still has outstanding tasks to complete.

Define trainers and training mode

This module allows you to refine the training execution, trainer, and user groups the trainee will be added to after the successful completion of the full training plan. Individual adjustments can be performed when the training plan gets assigned to a user.
Define one or more onboarding plans based on user groups and roles
This module allows you to define one or more training plans based on user groups and functions. Create a plan for each onboarding function, then describe what they need to learn, when to complete their training, and how they will track progress.

Define special onboardings for positions

This module allows you to define special onboarding for positions, including the roles and their requirements, as well as the timeline for your organization’s standards regarding certification or training. Once defined, those onboarding paths will be available for each person provided with the role.

Leverage cross-training for existing employees

You can leverage an onboarding process for existing employees to cross-train them in additional functions. This is ideal for avoiding knowledge bottlenecks for critical roles in your organization.
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eQMS Training Management

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