eQMS Work Order Module

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A complete system to manage work orders for equipment
The eQMS Work Order Module provides a powerful, integrated solution for managing work orders for equipment in your organization. Using the module’s multiple process options, you can ensure that all equipment issues are addressed quickly – maximizing uptime and efficiency.

eQMS Work Order Module

Work order management system for equipment covering on-demand services
Full-featured work order management system to minimize equipment downtime and improve efficiency in executing unplanned maintenance and services, including scheduling, dispatching, process management, and comprehensive reporting.
Keep track of tasks and recurring issues
Monitor work orders, easily check for recurring issues, and identify areas or equipment with a higher frequency of work orders. Identify tasks that have not been checked off on your schedule and keep track of the time spent on each task.

Task notifications through email and built-in dashboards

Work orders are automatically routed for approval, eliminating the need for manual steps. Approval management supports levels of hierarchy from the supervisor to the technician. Requests may be routed based on your unique business rules.

Work order reviews to ensure quality and reduce effort

This module efficiently implements a systematic workflow to prepare, monitor and improve the availability of equipment, which leads to enhanced factory performance. Effectively designed electronic forms reduce review efforts; built-in dashboards provide an overview of work order performance, and efficient execution of work orders improves equipment availability.
Track equipment-related work order tasks
From the moment a work order is submitted for a piece of equipment that is malfunctioning to its repair and return, our system gives you complete visibility into all tasks associated with your equipment.

Work orders to track the progress of unplanned maintenance and repairs

Dashboards with charts are used to track the progress of unplanned maintenance, repairs, and equipment cleaning. Easy-to-use dashboards display work order status, helping you stay on top of all your processes from start to finish.

Work Order requests are automatically routed for approval

Work orders are automatically routed and approved so engineers can fix issues quickly. The system also allows you to add notes and attachments, which makes communication between operators and technicians seamless.
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