ITSM – Asset Management

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ITSM – Asset Management

Cover the full life-cycle

Track, monitor, and manage your asset inventory, right from provisioning to disposal.

Simplify license management

A seamless and integrated solution for license management of both software and hardware assets.

Streamline procurement

Lean purchasing processes, with task tracking and reporting - suitable for all levels of users.

Get control of the hardware and software in your organization
The ITSM Asset Management solution allows you to govern all of your IT assets, including software suites and subscriptions. You can use the modules in this solution to assign licenses and track asset data for your devices.
Get on top of software licensing
The ITSM License Management Module enables you to manage your software licenses, subscriptions, and usage; the ideal solution for organizations that need a streamlined license management solution.
Case Study: Teufelberger GmbH
Purchase Requisition Process with
Novunex's ITSM Procurement Management Module
Lean procurement and asset management processes
ITSM Hardware Management Module helps an organization track all hardware assets, including labels and inventory. It keeps records of ownership and responsibilities related to each asset. The solution also allows you to create purchase orders and track their progress through the approval process.

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