ITSM Project Portfolio Management Module

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ITSM Project Portfolio Management Module

Maintain the objectives and goals of your project portfolio

The module allows you to maintain your project portfolio’s objectives, goals, and critical success factors. It also lets you view cost, resource consumption, and status and conduct reviews based on actual data at any time. The module includes customizable KPIs for each project, allowing you to monitor performance. You can also generate program or project capacity forecasts with this module.

Review cost and resource consumption
This module provides a comprehensive understanding of your projects’ consumed resources and costs. The module offers insights into project portfolios’ performance and allows you to adjust your strategies accordingly.
Conduct review meetings based on actual data

The ITSM Project Portfolio Management Module lets you conduct review meetings based on actual data and ensures that your projects align with your current business strategy.

Maintain project documentation and notes in one place

Proper documentation is the key to successful IT projects and their wrap-up. With this module, you can organize your project information by adding tasks, issues, and other data. After that, you can customize it and ensure you have what you need when it’s time for review.

Generate reports on the performance of your portfolio

The ITSM Project Portfolio Management Module generates reports on the performance of your portfolio. The module helps you to identify areas of concern, such as over-commitment, scope creep, and scope disparity. It provides insight into expected cost, duration, and benefit variances between projects and baseline estimates.

Monitor project status and manage risks

Deliver suitable projects at the right time and with the right resources. It provides an easy way to manage your projects and their status while identifying risks and issues to ensure delivery success.

Keep track of project KPIs in your portfolio

Track the key performance indicators, such as budget and resource requirements, for all projects in a portfolio. This module monitors project status, risk and scope changes, scope breakdowns, milestones, cost and time overruns, portfolio team members, and other essential project metrics to help you manage the project’s services more effectively.

Generate and review program or project capacity forecasts

Easily generate reviews, and share program or project capacity forecasts. You can use these forecasts to guide staffing decisions or improve decision-making when selecting projects for strategic alignment.

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