eQMS Preventive Maintenance Module

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Plan, schedule, and execute preventive maintenance tasks
This module streamlines preventive maintenance and reduces production downtime by enabling you to schedule and execute preventive maintenance tasks to maintain a high level of equipment availability.

eQMS Preventive Maintenance Module

Manage multiple schedules for the same equipment
One or more preventive maintenance schedules can be created for one piece of equipment. This enables the exact execution of preventive maintenance tasks when they are needed.
Capture preventive maintenance results with ease
Capture results from the preventive maintenance tasks for your equipment with the Preventive Maintenance Module. Use the module to improve efficiency and reduce costs by capturing, storing, and transmitting data more efficiently.

Notification for task owners about open preventive maintenance tasks

The module notifies the maintenance team and maintenance manager about open maintenance tasks that are scheduled to be completed to prevent unexpected equipment breakdowns.

Full revision control and approval steps for all plans

The maintenance plans are fully revision controlled, checked, and approved. You can be confident that everyone will be working on the same plan, no matter what time of day or night it is being worked on.
Automatically update records and equipment status
The modules are designed to help you track the entire lifecycle of your equipment, focusing on maintenance activities required to keep the equipment in top condition. Status reports and ongoing maintenance activities can be reported and accessed via smart dashboards.

Create fully digital preventive maintenance plans with smart task routing

Develop fully digital preventive maintenance plans that ensure precise and repeatable maintenance for equipment availability and optimal operation. Digital maintenance plans are revision controlled and follow a stringent review and approval process.

Include eQMS documents and process instructions with every plan

Connect eQMS documents like SOP and process instructions with every preventive maintenance plan. Include maintenance items with execution requirements, result capturing, needed supplies, and measurement values if applicable. The attachment possibility of images supplements the entered information.
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