ITSM Microsoft – Enable Frontline Workshop

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ITSM Microsoft – Enable Frontline Workshop

Power of your Frontline  
How well is your organization leveraging digital solutions to empower frontline workers? Are they using the right tools and training to make full use of the power of your Frontline? If not, you could miss opportunities to improve efficiency and enhance performance.
Empower your Frontline to do more with less 
The ITSM Microsoft – Enable Frontline Workshop will show you how to prepare your team and empower your Frontline to do more with less. You’ll learn how to unite your Frontline in one platform, engage them in thriving company culture, build communities, and strengthen dialogue through a collaborative environment that automates processes, thus increasing the efficiency and scalability of your organization.

Transform employee experience  

Employees on the Frontline, who work directly with customers, can significantly impact a company’s productivity, loyalty, and results. That’s why it’s essential to empower them with the right technologies and guidance to help them be successful in their jobs. Help your Frontliners do more by empowering them with Microsoft Teams, included apps and 3rd party apps, and the collaboration capabilities they need to succeed.

Shadow IT – Safeguard your business 

“Shadow IT” is everywhere. 83% of enterprises have conducted a Shadow IT audit, and over half of all IT, executives suspect that Frontline workers are using unsanctioned Shadow IT. Learn how to secure your business with built-in security and compliance across identities, email, apps, and endpoints.
Enhance communications and collaboration  
With the right tools, flexible work environments, and engaging culture, you can create an environment where people are proud to be part of your brand. Improve the user experience by providing better communications and collaboration channels for your Frontline staff – lower stress levels and increase employee satisfaction.
Begin using the right tools for Frontline workers  
Microsoft Teams and the Microsoft 365 suite provide a set of modern collaboration tools designed from the outset to be used by Frontline workers. These tools are also easy to deploy, manage and secure. By enabling your Frontline workers with Microsoft Teams and included as well as 3rd party apps, you can include your Frontline and help them do their day-to-day business more effectively.

It’s time to take action

The massive adoption of cloud, mobile, and SaaS apps has led to today’s “Shadow IT” – the unsanctioned and often unknown spread of software. And its growth is staggering: more than half of all IT executives suspect that frontline workers use a variety of unsanctioned Shadow IT. Shadow IT is creating risks for companies everywhere.

Frontline faces tech and training gaps across all industries 

Novunex delivers IT solutions that are essential for business operations.  These solutions will address Frontline workers’ current issues and IT management across every environment.  Together we will tackle these obstacles, reduce inaccuracies and create a better way to work.

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