ITSM Microsoft – Collaborative Apps Workshop

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ITSM Microsoft – Collaborative Apps Workshop

Get started fast
Get started fast with over 1,000 ready-to-use apps in the Teams App Store. You can find apps for just about anything — from building products to managing your company’s finances, creating a better employee experience, to tracking project tasks.
Accelerate business outcomes 
Our Collaborative Apps Workshop accelerates business outcomes by using low-code solutions or building a custom app tailored to your needs. Our team of world-class Enterprise App Developers design, build and support your app development projects with quality and speed in mind.
Be a hybrid work hero with Microsoft Teams 
Today’s work environment is a complex, fragmented landscape of business tools. Employees are constantly bouncing between different tools and experiences to get their work done, which can mean losing time and productivity. The Microsoft Teams platform is changing that dynamic by unifying workspace communications, enabling seamless collaboration, and making communication a core component of daily workflows.

Create custom low code  

Our Collaborative Apps Workshop provides a platform for you to get started on building custom low-code solutions. Our experts will provide guidance so you can accelerate the time it takes to design and deploy your new apps in an accelerated learning environment.

Learn how to maximize the value of Teams

We will introduce you to custom-built collaborative apps, process automation tools, and discover custom line-of-business solutions. The workshop will also teach you how to leverage Teams capabilities in order to increase workforce productivity.
Our team of experts will show you how to create a central hub for all your work
We’ll introduce you to ways to extend and customize your Teams workspace, adding and connecting the apps your people need. You’ll leave with a plan for developing your customized workspace, with the knowledge and skills to implement it!

We will work with you to optimize your Teams experience

How well are you and your team performing? Is your organization ready to take the next step in optimizing your collaboration experience? Work with us to set goals and develop a deployment plan. We’ll assess your current status, create an action plan, and work with you every step of the way.

Today more than ever, people work in mixed environments

Microsoft Teams allows you to get all your work done in one place, and Collaborative Apps are making it easier for everyone to share information with one another. We’ll walk you through how apps in Teams are built to meet the demands of hybrid work, connecting everyone to the information and expertise they need to excel.

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