eQMS Training Course Module

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Manage your training courses in the most effective way
Manage your training courses in a centralized, integrated, and scalable environment. Quickly assign training to user groups or individual users with a predetermined completion duration. The eQMS Training Course Module allows selecting training assessments for each course to measure user performance and knowledge retention. Manage the entire lifecycle of training courses from creation to completion and retirement.

eQMS Training Course Module

Add documents, presentations, or online material to your courses
Include any media: File Attachments, URLs to external videos/documents, and more. Make your training more effective by adding relevant course material.
Create self-study, on-job or classroom training
Each training can be assigned using either self-paced Read & Understand mode or instructor-led class sessions. With each of these methods, you can match your knowledge delivery to ensure effectiveness.

Automatically retire outdated training

Automatic retirement of training helps organizations eliminate the possibility of having outdated or expired training courses in their system and ensures proper auditing and compliance.

Manage course assignments based on user groups or roles

Course assignments can be managed by the instructor, who can assign courses to different user groups and give each group access to either individual course assignments or the entire learning path.
Connect training courses to operations or workstations
This module enables you to assign the required knowledge and skills to operations or workstations, effectively engaging users in the company’s initiatives with a focus on safety and compliance.

Include assessments with courses

To collect evidence of knowledge retention for your staff, select training assessment plans for each of your training courses. Training assessments that are part of a training course are automatically assigned to the trainee after the document training is completed.

Create one-time or recurring training courses

Ensure that your employees are trained to your industry-specific quality standards. Create one-time or recurring training courses and track employee progress throughout the year. Assign recurring courses to stay compliant with regulatory requirements and ensure that all employees receive important training right on time.
eQMS Training Management

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