IoT Leakage Detection Module

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Prevent water damage
The IoT Leakage Detection Module leverages sensors for instant water leak detection and alarms with durability and low power consumption. It measures the impact of water grid problems and helps you avoid hidden leaks.

IoT Leakage Detection Module

Instant water leak detection and alarming
Detects water leakage in the closed circuit pipes and reveals water leakage before it becomes a severe problem. It can detect leakages in open environments such as basement floors or rooms with water leakage risks.
Leverage hardware with durability and low power consumption
The durability, low power consumption, and high sensitivity sensors enable a broad set of scenarios and monitoring use cases. The sensors are designed to ensure long-term reliability and performance while also functioning in harsh environments.

Prevent resource waste and improve your environmental footprint

Detect small water leakages with drip and vibration detectors in the pipeline. This makes it easy to find the exact leakage position so that you can fix it before severe damage is done to the structure of your building and too much water is lost.

24/7 monitoring and instant alerting

Monitor the pressure of your water grid to detect potential leakage. This module will alert you if it receives sensor data that points to issues in your water distribution system and allow you to take appropriate action before a full-on leak.
Measure the impact of water grid problems
The IoT Leakage Detection Module also connects directly to your water meter or utility meter and lets you know when water leaks occur. By monitoring your water consumption in real-time, the module helps you save money and reduce your environmental impact.

Avoid hidden leaks and protect your property

A unique, cloud-based solution that empowers you to seamlessly monitor your devices and data to prevent resource waste and improve your ecological footprint.

Get a detailed audit protocol for insurance claims

The IoT Leakage Detection Module monitors 24/7 for leaks on your property. The leak detection module will instantly alert you if a leak is detected.
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