IoT Temperature Control Module

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Control the temperature of your rooms remotely
The IoT Temperature Control Module allows you to control the temperature of your rooms remotely. Lower energy expenses of buildings by automatically turning off the heating during off hours and weekends and keeping rooms at the right temperature all day.

IoT Temperature Control Module

Lower energy expenses of your buildings
With this module, you will be able to more efficiently control heating, ventilation, and air conditioning and monitor all temperature levels in your building no matter where you are.
Save energy and reduce your carbon footprint
Working with an IoT control unit enables smart devices to communicate directly with the cloud for data collection and analysis. You can compare their performance across different facilities or monitor them individually.

Prevent tempering with intelligent locks

Intelligent locks are to prevent tempering with temperature control and avoid manually overriding schedules or current temperatures. Multiple actors and sensors are available in different forms.

Get detailed analytics on heating usage and temperature changes

Get detailed analytics on heating usage and temperature changes in your building. The IoT Temperature Control Module adds wireless temperature data collection to the temperature control system in your building, allowing you to gain insight into temperature setups.
Reduce the temperature during off hours
The IoT Temperature Control Module monitors the temperature and sets your heating/air conditioning system to adjust the temperature based on your needs. The module will monitor and adjust the temperature during off hours, weekends, or even holidays when fewer people are working.

Implement smart booking systems to bring the temperature only up on needed hours

Specify the required time and temperature, then the module automatically turns on or off the connected electrical appliances while providing feedback through a website interface. The module can be used to implement intelligent booking systems in your rooms and facilities, such as bringing down room temperature when most people are out of rooms and increasing it when guests arrive.

Create temperature schedules to set the temperature at the right time

The module helps you save energy through intelligent scheduling. Schedule the device to automatically target your desired heating/cooling temperatures and select your required modes.
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