eQMS Supplier Qualification Module

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eQMS Supplier Qualification Module

Qualify your suppliers with an end-to-end process
eQMS Supplier Qualification Module helps you to qualify suppliers for products and serviceswith a fully digital process that is quick and simple to complete. With the module, you can quickly scope, explore and assess potential suppliers against your business needs and requirements.
Supplier information in one central repository
Create, store, and maintain the most important documents related to each supplier. The data is accessed easily on the web and can be accessed by all your staff through their existing user accounts.
Risk-based supplier assessment
The module will help you qualify your suppliers according to their ability to meet product and service quality and compliance requirements, identify potential technical risks and facilitate improvement opportunities with those suppliers.

Get an overview of all suppliers and their status

This eQMS Supplier Qualification Module has a centralized view of all suppliers and their status in the supply chain. You can easily see which suppliers have been approved or denied and their history, see their conditions of use, review qualification requirements, and issue new requests for qualification.

Manage all activities and tasks

Track supplier qualification activities, including supplier assessments, supplier audits, and other supplier information gathering and review. The module also allows you to define open tasks for each activity so that your team knows what actions are required and the status of each task.
Determine your qualification requirements
Determine which qualification requirements are appropriate for your suppliers. The module facilitates a process of supplier qualification that is simple, fast, and easy to use.

Review and approval process for qualifications

Leverage a streamlined review and approval process that guides how suppliers are accepted into your supplier list, who reviews the qualification, and how the supplier is informed of their acceptance or rejection.

Recurring supplier qualifications

The automated system flags and schedules suppliers not qualified or verified within a set timeframe. This will prevent you from buying from unknown suppliers and untrusted sources, promote a healthy control of your supply base, and ensure compliance with your quality management system.

eQMS Issue Investigation Module

A central hub to manage investigations of identified issues – Manage identified quality and non-quality issues in one place. Record

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