ITSM Teams Governance Module

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ITSM Teams Governance Module

Manage Microsoft Teams and avoid manual tasks
Create team policies, control the creation of teams with approval processes, review existing and expire unused teams automatically, set a time frame for your teams, and ensure naming conventions and customized policies. Generate an audit-ready report on all MS Teams activities.
Control the creation of teams through approval processes
ITSM Teams Governance Module allows you to control the creation process of teams through additional approval steps. You can also manage permissions for users and assign them a team manager, who can make confident decisions such as invitations or set up emails.
Review existing and expire unused teams automatically
This module enables teams to review and manage their ITSM Teams self-service platform. The review allows the automation of creating new teams and automatically reviewing and deleting or archiving existing, unused, or expired teams.

Integrate directly with the Guest Management module

Automatically invite guests to special external MS Teams groups from the ITSM Guest Management Module. Add the ITSM Guest Management Module and the ITSM Teams Governance Module to your Novunex Platform integration, then configure it to invite guests to the right teams automatically.

Generate an audit-ready report on all MS Teams activities

The ITSM Teams Governance Module includes dashboards and reports that help IT teams quickly identify compliance with defined policies, find issues, and map to regulatory requirements.

Implement a compliant archiving process

It can enable you to use fully compliant archiving solutions to archive old teams without losing their data. Create archive processes without the need for additional 3rd party archiving tools.

Ensure naming conventions and customized policies

You can set naming conventions, customize policy content, and validate the correct usage of your policies. Ensure naming conventions and customized policies, such as those related to security, are considered.

Prevent and review user access to critical teams

Reduce your risk of unauthorized access to critical teams that may cause an interruption in business processes and prevent unwanted information leakage. Ensure compliance with enterprise data policy, confidentiality, and regulatory compliance requirements.

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