Platform – Custom Widgets

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Create Custom Widgets with only JavaScript and HTML
Custom Widgets give you the power to build and deploy custom visualizations quickly. This feature enables you to create Custom Widgets with only JavaScript and HTML without writing any code for a proprietary dashboard IDE.

Platform – Custom Widgets

Integrate third-party scripts and custom visualizations
You can integrate third-party scripts into your data displays, such as charting libraries, by using Custom Widgets. These widgets are a dynamic and flexible way of injecting content into your dashboard without writing any code requiring compilation processes.
Leverage the full power of custom code
Make your Novunex App more engaging by adding widgets tailored to your users´ needs. Add a custom designed calendar, a comprehensive data input widget, complex visualizations, or any third-party tool with our Custom Widget option.

Design your widgets with custom layout options

Customize your widget with the layout of your choice. Use images, text, and links in any combination to convey information just as you want, on mobile or desktop.

Versioning and deployment control

Versioning and deployment control allows you to specify the versions of your widgets available to your users. Widget developers can also verify which version a user is running and manage dashboard dependencies.
Create your Widget Library and re-use it in multiple projects
Create, share, and reuse your widgets library in numerous projects. Share widgets with the community and get new ones from other users. Widgets are designed to be easy to use.

Extend the current visualization options

With our Custom Widgets, you can extend the current visualization options within the Platform dashboards. Users can create charts and graphs in formats that suit their needs and add multiple widgets in one dashboard.

Create and deploy your Custom Widgets in minutes

The Custom Widget feature empowers you to create and deploy your Novunex features in minutes. You’re in total control of how to display widgets, working with their powerful user interface to set rules for when they should appear within a specific area of your dashboard.
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