eQMS Document Change Module

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eQMS Document Change Module

Document change management without spreadsheets or manual tasks
Release documents at the right time, without missing deadlines
Execute document approval without chasing your approvers
Approvers receive automated notifications and can review and approve documents on any browser-supported device anywhere. Automatic document changes made by approvers and reviewers, without any manual follow up required. Reduce turnaround time, and no manual follow-up provides increased productivity.

Automatically start document trainings

The eQMS Document Change Module facilitates managing document implementation by creating training courses and controlling the document release. This enables a smooth transition from one document revision to another, where users are trained before the new revision is released.

Signature manifests for all released documents

This module provides an easy way to capture document change information, including electronic signatures for document authors and document approvers, and embed them in a manifest in PDF format. The signature manifests can then be viewed in the released document file, making it easy to see the change information and approval evidence.
Ensure that document training is included without manually managing the training progress
With this module, you can define the training requirements along with the creation of the document. Training requirements are approved together with the document. During implementation, it only takes one click to create the training course and assign the training.
Release documents in the right moment, without missing deadlines or training schedules
The eQMS Document Change Module allows you to release documents at the right moment and without missing implementation deadlines. It is easy to use and saves you time with the integrated training feature while ensuring an accurate approval process.

Create new documents for dedicated document levels

The Document Change Module is a solution to easily create and change documents and notify users who are responsible for reviewing and approving.The Document Change Module allows you to select between document levels with dedicated numbering and apply different attributes to a document including document type and applicable reference standard sections.

Full control of your approval and release process

Automated routing keeps you in control of your document approval process and allows you to manage document approvals from any location. You can assign reviewers and approvers and select from manual or automated document release options, view status information, and generate reports.

eQMS Issue Investigation Module

A central hub to manage investigations of identified issues – Manage identified quality and non-quality issues in one place. Record

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