eQMS Training Assessment Module

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eQMS Training Assessment Module

Create great training assessments
Assessments are automatically scheduled if training is completed. You can customize navigation options and success criteria to fit your needs or business requirements.
Exams with quizzes and tests
This eQMS Training Assessment Module will enable you to create quizzes, tests, and exams to demonstrate that your employees have been appropriately trained.

Decide what happens on failed assessments

Limit the number of retakes of assessments or determine what happens with the employee’s training, and track the progress against all failed assessments in your system.

Escalate failed assessments to supervisors and managers

To ensure the quality of your deliverable and to avoid any lapse in certification, it is important to escalate failed assessments to your supervisors and managers, to define the appropriate next steps to ensure training success.
The best evidence is a completed test
Collect evidence of completed assessments to comply with regulatory requirements, share them with auditors, and prove the effectiveness of your training program over time.
Assessments automatically schedule if training is done
eQMS Training Assessment Modul automatically schedules the assessment after the training is completed. Training assessments can be easily assigned to document or classroom training in the training course manager.

Define navigation options and revealing of answers

Define how the test will navigate by allowing or denying users to go back after answering test questions. You can also enable the open book principle by providing the training material to the trainee at the start of the assessment.

Define percentage and success criteria

Define success criteria, both percentage and absolute numbers, to manage your tests and quizzes and ensure effectiveness. Ensure compliance with ISO standards or regulatory requirements by defining appropriate success criteria.
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