IoT Local Weather Monitoring Module

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Monitor local weather condition
Monitor the weather in locations around your buildings and plants at the microclimate level with our Local Weather Monitoring Module. Our IoT solution provides sensor data and enables you to collect and analyze valuable information on the environment surrounding your facility.

IoT Local Weather Monitoring Module

Monitor your microclimate/micrometeorology
With the ability to display your micrometeorology conditions, you can monitor every aspect of your local climate. The data is available through easy-to-use dashboards and charts.
Measure all-important values
Quality weather data from the IoT Local Weather Monitoring Module will give you the information you need. Measure all-important values such as temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, wind direction, and wind speed.

Precise insights to actionable data for changed weather conditions

Get detailed insights into actionable data for changed weather conditions, like wind, rain, or sunshine. Visualize the live weather conditions of your location.

Protect your buildings and people against changing conditions

Local weather conditions can significantly impact the quality of your environment. The integrated IoT devices monitor climate conditions and trigger the Novunex module when things change.
Additional values for agricultural needs
Monitor rain and weather forecasts, soil temperature, leaf wetness, and dew point. The data can be used for agricultural needs like controlling irrigation systems or analyzing crop yield.

Leverage customized hardware with optional solar-powered devices

The IoT Local Weather Monitoring Module comes with optional integration with solar-powered devices and is built on LoRaWAN technology for long-range, low-power, wireless connectivity.

Get reliable data about your environment faster

Using advanced moisture tension sensors and temperature sensors, the device provides reliable data about the environment faster than ever, enabling you to get ahead of the weather.
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