Platform – File Storage

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Platform – File Storage

High-performance data storage in isolated containers
Novunex Platform offers access to high-performance data storage in isolated containers, scalable and durable, with high availability secured and encryption at rest. The platform has been designed to optimize usage processes, offering fine-grained control over who can access files. You can leverage the full power of Microsoft Azure and access files via REST.
Scalable, durable with high availability
The Novunex File Storage is based on a robust distributed file system that provides high availability, durability, and reliability. It is built on the established storage infrastructure and has a scale-out architecture with multiple redundancies.
Secured and with encryption at rest
The Novunex Platform aims for evolution in file sharing and collaboration. We created a platform that keeps your documents secure, encrypted, and free from third-party interference. Novunex files are stored on our private network; your data is never archived or made public unless you share it with someone else.

Leverage the full power of Microsoft Azure

With an optional Microsoft Azure-backed service, you can share confidential data with any user anytime. Our platform is built from the ground up using multi-factor authentication to restrict access, and Azure storage makes it possible to guarantee security for all files.

Access files via REST

The Novunex REST API allows storing and retrieving files via HTTP requests. Build a custom document-sharing solution by integrating this simple, lightweight API with your existing project.
Optimized for usage in processes
The platform stores all your files in an organization-specific structure and automatically indexes them for use in processes or dashboards, where you can filter, sort, pivot and manipulate the data for user analysis.

Redundant data storage

Novunex Platform is built upon redundant data storage, which will lend you a hand in ensuring data security and backing up your files. The system allows users to access their data from anywhere, anytime.

Create a fine-grained control over who can access files

The Novunex Platform offers fine-grained controls over who can access files for collaboration or compliance. Policies can be set up by the users themselves or configured by platform administrators.
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