IoT LoRaWAN Network Module

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Your LoRaWAN workbench
The IoT LoRaWAN Network Module is your IoT workbench. It lets you control and manage your devices and sensors in a secure environment. You can also parse payloads, store data, and analyze and report on that data.

IoT LoRaWAN Network Module

Control and manage your LoRa devices
Register, control, and manage your LoRa devices in a distributed network. Use it to quickly deploy LoRaWAN networks for various IoT applications, including public safety, smart cities, and industrial automation.
Parse LoRa payloads and store data
The IoT LoRaWAN Network Module parses your LoRa payloads and stores the data in the Novunex Platform. It’s a flexible, scalable solution for any project requiring flexible process management and sensor data.

Reduce cost with increased range

Our IoT LoRaWAN Network Module will help you to reduce the cost of deploying your own LoRaWAN network. With our existing network infrastructure, you can monitor LoRaWAN sensors and smart objects.

Make use of one of the most extensive sensor networks

With multiple locations and a wide network coverage around the globe, you’ll have access to one of the largest sensor networks in the world. Our services are 100% carrier grade with extensive coverage and capacity.
Save your data within a highly secure environment
With its robust onboard security, this module is built for busy environments where protecting data is the foremost concern. Connect to your sensors and intelligent devices, and grow your business without worrying about the security of your network, sensors, and data.

Analyze and report data

The data analysis feature of the module allows you to gain deeper insights into your IoT infrastructure. It provides access to raw and processed device data, enabling you to analyze and report on essential variables for your specific application.

Manage business processes based on sensor data

The perfect receiver for your sensor data to be sent and received over the Internet. Using this module allows you to digitize business processes based on sensor data.
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