ITSM Microsoft – Mitigate Compliance and Privacy Risk Workshop

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ITSM Microsoft – Mitigate Compliance and Privacy Risk Workshop

Intelligently investigate and take action on insider and privacy risks
The Mitigate Compliance and Privacy Risk Workshop gives you the insights you need to understand insider and privacy risks in your organization.  The workshop provides unique insight into how to detect, investigate, and act on malicious and inadvertent activities in your organization through hands-on training with various tools. You will learn to use advanced techniques to investigate user events inside your data lake to uncover activity that damages trust. Create a safe workplace, and protect company assets and employee or customer privacy.
This workshop is designed to help you
Businesses with an integrated approach that can help quickly identify, triage and act on risks will have a real advantage over their competitors. Microsoft Workplace Analytics helps organizations protect data by enabling employees to work from anywhere with confidence on their own devices and services and with the ability to remain compliant without sacrificing productivity.

Discover insider and privacy risks in your organization

The latest compliance and privacy issues are a top concern for every organization. With this workshop, learn how to mitigate these risks through a better understanding of the causes, effects, and remedies of insider and privacy risk.

Assess your Microsoft 365 environment 

Assess your Microsoft 365 environment against a set of controls for key regulations and standards for data protection and general data governance. Receive analysis and reports on findings and associated risks. Learn about tools and services that can mitigate risks and explore recommendations and next steps.
Providing actionable next steps based on your needs and objectives
In this workshop, you will learn how to document your objectives and strategy around insider and privacy risks, detect, investigate, and take action on them, accelerate your compliance journey with the latest Microsoft technologies, and provide actionable next steps based on your needs and objectives.
The User Risk Check
In this workshop, you will also learn how the User Risk Check can discover risks that might harm your organization. The activity is spread over several weeks to allow time to run in your cloud infrastructure and learn about insider and privacy risks in your organization. It leverages automated Microsoft Purview tools and services to monitor user behavior and communication to discover inadvertent or malicious behavior that can impose risk on your organization.

Detect risks by monitoring user behavior and communication 

As a business professional, you protect your company and clients from data loss and cyber-attacks. This session will help you understand the steps you need to take to keep personal information private, secure, and protected. We’ll show you how Microsoft 365 can help mitigate compliance and privacy risk by monitoring user behavior and communication for data leaks, accidental oversharing, or malicious intent.

Understand the risks organizational insiders may impose

Insider abuses can create significant compliance and privacy risks to the organization. This workshop provides participants with information that helps them understand how data breaches occur, the importance of mitigating risk with an insider threat program, and how to identify and respond to insider communications and behaviors that can impose risks on the organization.

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