IoT – Smart Building

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IoT – Smart Building


Monitor your building’s resource consumption and identify potential points of improvement.


Control your building’s resource consumption and identify potential points of improvement, allowing you to save energy, reduce costs and increase comfort.


Optimize energy consumption by reacting faster to incidents and anticipating future problems.

Monitor, control, and prevent damage
Monitor workspace occupancy in your shared offices and inform your employees about the next free workplace in real-time, or get info about how many people enter or leave a room, space, event, etc. 100% anonymous and private, not violating any regulations or laws.
CO2 and Smoke Detection
The IoT Smart Building solution for sensors allows you to monitor your CO2 sensors in real-time. You’ll receive alerts when a sensor isn’t working correctly or if it detects a severe problem.
Case Study: Hereschwerke GmbH
Novunex IoT Solutions enhance Incident Response and Monitoring at Hereschwerke GmbH
Detect leakages instantly
Prevent water damage to the building structure and the valuable possessions inside. This Smart Building solution can detect water loss and initiate proper actions to stop leaks quickly.

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