IoT PV System Monitoring Module

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IoT PV System Monitoring Module

Monitor your PV systems
Our IoT PV System Monitoring Module enables you to monitor and manage your solar power system. It allows you to set targets for renewable energy production, receive alerts on errors or defects, get real-time data and analytics directly from the panels, and see reports on produced energy.
Set targets and receive alerts on errors or defects
Receive alerts by email or SMS when parameters are out of their target range. Monitor the condition of PV panels with a simple and easy-to-use graphical interface.

One portal to see all PV systems and their status

Get graphs of the energy production of your systems over time and generate monthly reports to understand the impact on your bottom line.

Measure your strings individually and trace errors back to the single panel

Measure each string and then analyze the data to present performance metrics. This allows you to determine when there is an issue, and get a trace back to the panel.
Get real-time data and analytics
Get real-time data and analytics on your PV system with the IoT PV System Monitoring Module. This module provides valuable information about your electrical output, maximizing your investment and saving you money in the long run.
Get reports on produced energy
This IoT PV System Monitoring Module allows you to monitor your solar power plant from anywhere. With the module, you can get reports on produced energy and check current voltages and currents.

Directly measure AC, independent of manufacturers

The module integrates with sensors measuring AC, voltage, PF, and total produced energy. The sensors directly measure AC from the output of your inverter, independent of manufacturers.

Manage your asset and preventive maintenance for all your systems

The IoT PV System Monitoring Module allows you to monitor the status of your PV system, perform preventive maintenance, perform the configuration and commissioning of a newly installed PV system, or change the design or settings of an existing PV system.
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