eQMS Supplier Issue Module

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Supplier issues, keep track and communicate smaller deficiencies found
Identify, capture, and log supplier-related issues. You can maintain records of issues you have identified for received products, including identified deficiencies, and if supplier actions or refund is required.

eQMS Supplier Issue Module

Escalate supplier issues to supplier corrective action requests
Escalate significant supplier issues into supplier corrective action requests and track the progress. This ensures that suppliers perform consistently across all relevant dimensions so that you can reduce supplier quality risks and costs.
Track supplier refunds
Track supplier refunds, identifying when they are due and how much they will be refunded. Making supplier issues accessible in a clear view makes it easy for users to report problems quickly, check the status of those issues, and track their refunds.

Automatically initiated from non-conforming material processes

Leverage the eQMS material processes to automatically start an issue investigation based on supplier-related non-conformance. The module can automatically message suppliers to alert them of the need for quality actions.

Measure supplier performance based on issue reports

The eQMS Supplier Issue Management Module allows you to measure the performance of your suppliers based on the information collected in supplier issue records. This data can be used to assign a rating to each supplier or set them up against key performance indicators (KPIs). This helps you to prioritize action, drive improvements, and spot opportunities for further collaboration with suppliers.
Monitor the status of all open actions
A consolidated view of all active actions, including the status of the action and its completion date, to ensure that all requested measures are taken. You can also monitor the progress of their implementation using this module.

Log supplier issues and communicate automatically with the supplier

This module automates supplier issue management across the supply chain, from product failure to late payments. The module enables companies to communicate with suppliers effectively and consistently across business units and share information externally. The solution also provides real-time status of open issues by all stakeholders through dashboards, alerts, and reports.

Evaluation questions to determine if an issue investigation is needed

Evaluation questions help to determine if an issue investigation is necessary. Requests can be configured to include relevant information about the products and the supplier if an investigation is required.

eQMS Receiving Inspection Module

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