IoT Snow Metering Module

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Monitor snow levels in valleys and mountains
The IoT Snow Metering Module gives you complete control over your winter services by monitoring snow levels in regions with mountains and valleys. With real-time data, it notifies users about set snow limits. It also displays historical information to analyze trends.

IoT Snow Metering Module

Analyze data and trends on snow levels
The IoT Snow Metering Module analyzes snow level data, providing you with an accurate representation of your overall snow levels. It allows you to analyze data and trends on snow levels, which is crucial for making informed decisions on how much and when snow equipment should be brought in.
Manage your winter service at the right time
Maintaining roads in winter requires constant monitoring; with our cloud-based system, you can access this information anywhere and anytime on your mobile device or computer.

Manage your sensor assets and recurring maintenance

Manage your sensor assets, including monitoring and managing their condition and status. With the IoT Snow Metering Module, you can directly schedule preventive and corrective actions for your maintenance team.

Plan with weather forecasts and current levels

The IoT Snow Metering Module is connected to cost-effective IoT devices that collect sensor data and weather forecasts from the IoT Local Weather Monitoring Module.
Visualize snow levels for citizens and guests
Visualize snow levels for citizens and guests, directly integrated with the IoT Urban Cockpit Module. The IoT Snow Metering Module allows local governments and utilities to visualize the current snow levels on publicly accessible dashboards.

Get alerts on snow limits

Keep a close eye on your snow limits with an IoT Snow Metering Module. It pulls data from connected snow meter stations. When you set a threshold that indicates when there’s too much snow, this module will send you an alert through any smart device, wherever you are.

Leverage snow meters in remote areas

Implementing the IoT Snow Metering Module at remote sites and locations is now simple and cost-effective. The IoT Snow Metering Module can be used with LoRaWAN networks, providing connectivity for up to 16 months of battery life.
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